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See you next year! Champaign
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Slide So you want to skydive In order to skydive you must meet these two basic requirements: At least 18 years old Weigh less than 225 lbs Tandem Jump - $250 We take you through a brief training on the ground, afterwards you'll gear up, get in the plane, and then jump out over 10,000 ft above the ground. Don't worry, your tandem master will do most of the work! Licensed Skydiver - $25 If you're a licensed skydiver come jump with us. Make sure to bring your logbook and reserve card. We have a carpeted area and a bunch of couches to hang out on. Ways to capture your jump Video - $70 We'll record your skydiving with hi-def digital cameras and edit them into a short video capturing your jump. Still Pictures - $30 Pictures will be taken throughout your skydive and then sent to you after your jump. If you're curious about learning how to skydive on your own click here

Slide Phone (217) 800 - 2809 Email We operate by appointment only, so please contact us and we'll set something up. Call or email us to schedule your skydive.


Slide Get in Touch Champaign Urbana Skydiving Club
1962 County Road 2500 North
Thomasboro, Illinois
(217) 800-2809